For more than 30 years, Pacific Energy Fireplace Products has challenged, then exceeded the traditional assumptions about wood heat and gas hearth appliances.

Our history is evident in our industy-leading features, our choice of the finest materials, our close eye on environmental responsibility, and our commitment to creating appliances that fit your style and warm your life. It's our strong dedication to the environment, woodheat science, and gas fireplace innovation that has made Pacific Energy Fireplace Products a recognized leader in the Hearth Industry. The result is a series of firsts, accomplished through an on-going mission to provide the best possible technology

Paul Erickson
  • 1978

    Pacific Energy is founded to create fuel efficient heating options to offset rising oil prices.

  • 1980

    Pacific Energy was the first stove manufacturer to make it possible to see the fire through a Vycor glass door, and perfected an air wash system to keep the glass ultra-clean, even at low settings.

  • 1983

    Pacific Energy pioneered the Floating Firebox, which dramatically reduces metal fatigue and extends the life of the stove.

  • 1984

    Pacific Energy's spring-loaded trap door Ash Removal System was introduced and has yet to be equaled.

  • 1986

    Pacific Energy was one of the first companies to receive Oregon D.E.Q. Emissions Certification.

  • 1987

    in anticipation of new strict EPA emission limits on wood stoves, Pacific Energy perfected the secondary burn system in a non-catalytic stove. To this day, Pacific Energy is recognized as a leader in clean burn technology. Pacific Energy stoves burn twice as clean as required by EPA limits.

  • 1990

    Pacific Energy is recognized by the Porcelain Enamel Institute for its rich porcelain finishes. Pacific Energy's in-house porcelain enameling capabilities continue to set it apart from all other manufacturers in the Hearth industry.

  • 1995

    Consumers gained the freedom to customize their own fireplace through a modular design program that offered a choice of Porcelain Enamel colors and overlays, and a variety of trim kits in both Porcelain Enamel and metallic finishes.

  • 1996

    Pacific Energy backed up their commitment to superior workmanship with the Best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the Industry. Pacific Energy will not build it unless it can be built to last.

  • 1998

    Pacific Energy celebrated its 20th year with record sales, and the introduction of Extended Burn Technology (EBT). EBT is available exclusively on the Pacific Energy Summit Wood Stoves and Inserts. Its patented technology regulates the flow of combustion air to provide a longer burn with less fuel.

  • 2002

    Pacific Energy introduced Town & Country, the first Clean Face gas fireplace with a flush hearth and no louvers. Town & Country Fireplaces redefined expectations of a gas fireplace with patented Decorative Direct Vent Technology (DDV) and turned the industry on its ear. Hearth & Home Magazine, the hearth trade publication, featured Town & Country on its cover, with the heading "Breaking New Ground".

  • 2004

    The Fusion woodstove was introduced, a taller contemporary, European-inspired design.

  • 2006

    Pacific Energy launched the Alderlea Cast Iron Wood Stove, a modern twist on the traditional cast stove. Innovations include a concealed cook top, an ash chute for easy cleaning and an optional reversible door. The combination of seam-welded steel firebox and cast body delivers both radiant and convective heat and superior durability over the traditional cast iron stove.

  • 2008

    Pacific Energy Fireplace Products celebrated 30 years in business with continued new product development, increased manufacturing capability and sales growth.

  • 2009

    Town & Country's break-though venting technology introduces the industry's flush mount powervent termination, forever changing the exterior face of power venting terminations. 

  • 2010

    Pacific Energy Fireplace Products launches Warmland Pellet Stoves as an alternative biomass fuel burning appliance and True North Wood Stoves,an affordable and reliable wood burning appliance.

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