We created the
Luxury Fireplace

Town & Country was the first to create the Clean Face fireplace—with no louvers to obscure the opening, a flush hearth so the fireplace can be set at floor level, and large life-like flames which successfully emulate the look of a wood-burning fire. We now offer the largest true Clean Face and ceramic disappearing glass available—so you see nothing but huge, bold flames.

Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces

In this era of mass-production, Town & Country remains a high-quality product made with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship. Town & Country luxury fireplaces are hand-crafted from heavy 12- gauge aluminized steel, offering superior heat dispersion, eliminating any “ticks” or “bangs.” Our fireboxes are continuous-seam welded, and are 300% heavier than other clean-face fireplaces. The result is quieter operation and safer, gas-tight joints for more durable performance. Town & Country was the first to create the clean face fireplace and immediately revolutionized the industry by disproving the long-held belief that a gas fireplace could never mimic a real wood fire. We now offer the largest true Clean Face – so you see nothing but huge, bold flames behind disappearing glass.

Town & Country’s breakthrough Maestro Control TM technology creates ondemand electronic ignition, with a battery backup system for power outages that can cut your fireplace’s annual fuel consumption by up to 74%. Architects, designers and home owners have long searched for a way to disguise unsightly vent terminations. Our new flush Power Vent Wall Termination is another technological breakthrough that garnered both an industry nominated Vesta Award and a IIDEX Innovative Product Award. From All Season Comfort™ for optimum flames and gentle radiant heat designed not to compete with sophisticated HVAC systems, to Smart Home capability, to award-winning easy-to-use controls, and to venting versatility other fireplace brands just can’t match.


Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces